Tale Of The Naughty Spoonie


There once was a spoonie who had much to do

She worked and worked days and nights too

All the while forgetting about her spoon supply

When her work was almost completed she found herself depleted

A trip to the cupboard found it bare

No more spoons where there

As much as I hate to admit it this was me for the whole of the past week. There was so much that needed done. We had our carpets cleaned on Tuesday, so the house had to be decluttered, which it sorely needed. We put our Christmas Tree and other decorations up on Wednesday, so the boys could enjoy it for Thanksgiving. Then finished putting away all of the boxes Friday morning. 

We went to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving on Thursday, (which is our custom)and had a great time. I saw my younger brother sober, from both drugs and alcohol for the first time in years. That was something to be very thankful for! I wasn’t able to stay as long as I would have liked, due to a migraine and my family is very loud. Always have been and always will be, at least I was able to make it there this year. Another reason to be thankful for. 

By the time I got home I could hardly walk, due to low back pain from degenerative disc disease, that flares up now and then, especially when I’m on my feet to long, or have been doing too much. I was also in a severe fibromyalgia flare on top of a horrid migraine. Talk about a triple whammy! Rick rubbed some wonderful CBD Lotion, (a very kind and amazing friend sent me)on the worst pain areas and I went to bed at 7:15. 

We always have our immediate family Thanksgiving on the Friday following Thanksgiving. I woke up in a lot of pain and the thunderstorms we had all day sure didn’t help. I was so angry with myself for overdoing and not being at my best while my son’s were here. I love every moment I get to spend with them. As I should have known they both understood, as did the rest of our crew, everyone jumped in and the meal came together perfectly. That is something else to be thankful for! 

I’m still in a lot of pain today, but I learned a valuable lesson, don’t use up all of my spoons for the week in about two days. If I do I’m going to be in for a world of pain! I like the spoons pictured above, they are not empty spoons, they’re filled with spices. We not only need spoons to live our chronic life, we also need some spice, life without spice is very dull. This is me, back on track living a spicy spoonie life!

Hmmm, since I’ve been naughty I wonder if Santa will still bring me a gift? 


Live with hope,


Stock credit: Storyblocks