My Place in This World ~ Social Media Challenge Day 11

“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”
~ Walt Disney

For me I found my place in the world, when I began blogging. It became a way to be creative, reach out to others living with migraine, share my journey, tips and tricks and was also very cathartic. A positive way to turn frustrations into something good and rewarding. I like knowing that those who read my blog, come away with useful information, but am delighted when I am able to make them laugh!

Hope and humor are my constant companions living migraine and I try very hard to inject this in each blog. Hope is so very important, if you lose your hope, you will lose the battle with migraine. And it is very much a battle, why else would we be called Migraine Warriors?! Hope changes everything! Humor helps the rough days go down a little easier, “laughter is the best medicine”! You will feel better about where you find yourself, if you can see any humor in the situation. 

I love blogging, I might not be able to blog as often as I would want to, but I always want to make sure that I have a good topic, for a well-rounded piece. And am not blogging just for the sake of putting out a blog. That doesn’t have a place in my world. I would like to thank all of you, who have encourage me, been my cheerleaders, and have given me positive feedback! I am blessed to have you in my world!


Live with hope,






Migraine Warrior ~ Social Media Challenge Day 6

“Whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy–all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.”
  ~ Cassandra Clare
My migraine journey began at age 16, with what I thought were sinus headaches and have since learned that many people think this exact same thing. After finally seeing a doctor I learned they were indeed migraine and was started on Propranolol, with hardly ever a break through migraine. Propranolol worked beautifully for several years, until my body decide to play a trick on me. In early 2001 I developed Adult Onset Asthma, Beta Blockers such as Propranolol, exacerbate asthma symptoms. I had to stop taking the Propranolol at once, which caused several unpleasant side effects, due to the number of years I had been on it.
The worst thing that happened was that my migraine, became out of control and turned chronic, a state that hasn’t changed in eighteen years. In fact in the last eight months, I have swung back and forth, between chronic and intractable migraine, I will touch on this again. It took much trial and error to find the right headache specialists, they are not all created equally!! And more trial and error finding a preventive that would work and I didn’t have allergic reactions to. Thank goodness today I have a doctor who works with me on my treatment plan. Is kind and caring, totally gets me, and has a great office staff, sometimes that can be almost as important as having a great doctor.
The last eight months or so have been a real battle, dealing with intractable migraine and weather triggers, which also cause my fibromyalgia to flare, leaving me exhausted by pain. The fatigue can leave me with a foggy brain, problems with spoken or written words, which is so very frustrating! I began to have nightmares, waking crying, punching and kicking, from the pain. The doctor gave me Amitriptylin 25mg to take at bedtime, this helped for a short while, but the nightmares returned. My poor husband, he can tell I’m crying and talking in my sleep, but my words make no sense. I always wake myself up. Yes migraine is more than a headache, but it is also so much more than a migraine. It touches every part of our lives. It is truly a daily battle for me and one I want to win everyday! Do I always win? No in the sense that the pain is still there, but yes because I’M still here. I take this journey/battle one day at a time! I might not win every battle, but I will win the war! I am a Migraine Warrior!
In the picture at the top, is my WARRIOR bracelet, I wear it everyday to remind myself of what I’m capable of. The stickers I added sunglasses, rain clouds, help, together and love, are symbols of my migraine life. Sunglasses ~ my eyes are super sensitive to light, Rain Clouds = migraine, Help ~ even warriors need help, my husband is super supportive, I am very blessed. He gets upset with me, If I say that I feel guilty about him pitching in and cooking or doing laundry. He always tells me that they are his chores too, he’s retired and that does make a difference. Even so, he is very special! Together ~ Migraine Warriors need other warriors, to share support, encouragement, inspiration and hope! Love ~ I love my fellow migraine sister’s, I never could have made it this far without you!
“Courage, above all things is the first quality of a warrior.” Sun Tzu                 
Live with hope,
* Special Thanks to Michelle Tracy for showing me where to buy my Warrior bracelet, love you girl!