True Love

“Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world.”
― Nicholas Sparks


Credit: Trumpeter Swans, photo by Mick Thompson


Swans are one of the few birds that mate for life, I love how gracefully they glide through the water. Their movements looking like a ballet, maybe this is why they have actual ballets named after them. Both male and female swans, build the nest when it is time for eggs to arrive. They both also take turns sitting on the nest and it guard it quite ferociously. There is actually one recorded incident of a drowning, due to a man getting too close to a nest and not heeding the swans verbal warnings.
I love Mick’s photo of the swans above, this is the classic, heart shape neck pose so many of us look for. But is not really has common as you think, Mick had to wait hours to get this shot, he will tell you it was totally worth it! The photo absolutely represents true love!

By now you are probably wondering, what true love and life with migraine, has to do with each other? I’ve learned over the past few years, that it has a lot to do with my journey and walk with migraine. First and most important, is my husband Rick, without his support and unconditional love, I would have never made it this for. What a lot of you don’t know, is several years ago, when this all started, suicide was very much in the forefront of my mind. I never attempted suicide, but I had made a plan and in doing that, it scared me enough to seek help, by calling my physicians office. They set me up right away, to meet the intake counselor at our local inpatient, mental health facility. I willing checked myself in. It was the best thing, I ever did for myself, they were wonderful people, who helped me find my way. Rick felt so very bad, that he hadn’t noticed anything, but I had done a very good job hiding it. They also helped him to understand it wasn’t his fault either, that I just needed love and support. Which he has given me hundred times over and over again. 

Now that he is dealing with Lupus and osteoarthritis, which causes him chronic pain, I can empathize with him, quite well. He hasn’t let it get him down, in fact he was very relived to finally know what was causing, all the symptoms he had been having. Now is on a medication to help with and slow the progression, of the those symptoms and the Lupus. Just because your spouse or significant other, starts having health problems, doesn’t mean you toss them to the side for a new model! No way, we have been in this marriage for thirty-five years, there’s no way we are tossing all those years away! That is not true love! 

Next I have a different kind of true love, with my migraine sisters. We love, support, encourage, inspire, care for and are always there, when one of us needs the other! I have different ways of contacting each of my migraine sisters, so they are always a phone call, message, text or email away! It is a strong bond, that has not been broken and I love them everyone, they each have a part of my heart! This journey with migraine, would be impossible without them! I do not say that lightly, it is very much the truth!! 



“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.”
― Mandy Hale 

Live with hope,




4 thoughts on “True Love

  1. I love, love, love this blog. A loving and supportive partner and friends that “get it” makes the journey easier. I feel so lucky to call you friend and Migraine Sister. 💜💜💜

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