The Defenders


In the comic book world they are many types of defenders. Those that are bullet proof, have super human strength, are fierce fighters even though they are blind, can summon mighty power to just one fist. But what do they use this power for, who do they defend? In comic book world, it is usually other people or even an entire city, against an evil group of people bent on its distructions. 

Living with migraine, we need our own defenders. What might they be? First and foremost is HOPE! There is nothing as strong as hope, it gives us the strength we need to face another day. Courage to know, that we are not alone! That this pain cannot last forever. Hope is even stronger than fear, we can live without a lot of things in life, but hope is not one of them! 

Use humor to find, an underlying bit of zaniness in a situation. This allows us to laugh at the situation, instead of cry or get angry. Laughter really is the best medicine, your spirits will rise instead of fall. Humor is my bestfriend, seriously, I would have not made it this far on my migraine journey without humor!

Positivity is a must, the more positive you are, the less likely to succumb to the bullets of negativity. Negativity kills the soul, slowly, a little here, a little there. Until all the hope you had is completely gone. 

Lastly we have to advocate for ourselves, this is where our true strength comes from. Learn as much as possible about the type of migraine you live with! Know your medications inside out, don’t just blindly take a medication because your doctor told you to. Ask questions, find out why, they think this medicine is the best. Also when you are hospitalized, make sure the nurse tells you what medicine she is giving you. Then when you are handed the medication, check it yourself. It’s not being paranoid, its advocating. 


“Just because a person smiles all the time. Doesn’t mean their life is perfect. That smile is a symbol of hope and strength!” Lauryn Hill

Live with hope,



Happy Caturday

In some cultures the death of a living thing is a celebration of life. When you can look at loss like that, it really changes your whole outlook. Today I want to share the celebration of the lives, of two wonderful cat’s who passed through our lives. And tell you about the purrfect cat, who shares her life with us now! Warning: Tissues required!



George was our first kitty, found by our son Nathan, discarded in a ditch by the side of the street. My husband had declared early in our marriage, that he did not want any in door cats. Funny how that changes when your son is looking at you with pleading eyes! George got his name from, “The George of The Jungle Movie” that was popular at the time. He would try so hard to jump from the arm of a chair, to an end table, only to fail. He eventually got the hang of it and like a jungle cat, jumping from high spot to high spot with ease.
George was quite a stinker, with his own unique personality. He didn’t care for large crowds, so would remove himself to another room or the upstairs bannister. My nephews being a bit ornery themselves, when they were younger, would pick at him. George could take care of himself and I told them so, “If you get bitten it is your own fault, leave him alone!” When they found my words were true, they left him alone. Oh but George had some really cute quirks, he liked to put a piece of food into his water dish and then chase it around with his paw and eat it. George also loved watermelon! No kidding, watermelon, he was content with just a small piece that he would lick all the juice off of! He loved to play, chasing a laser light, a piece of yarn, but his favorite thing was a wadded up piece of paper. Those he would catch between his paws, standing on his back legs, then bat all over the place. Of course when he was finished batting, he excepted you to toss him the wadded paper again.
George was an excellent mouser, we lived in the country for sometime surrounded by, soybean and corn fields. So the chance of having a mouse in the house, was pretty good. I will never forgot one incident, we had friends over for dinner and were on the dessert course, when George walked in the room with a mouse in his mouth. I said “Oh look, George caught a mouse”, boy was that the wrong thing to do. My lady friend was scared to death of mice, so she let out a huge shriek, scaring George who of course dropped the mouse. Then the chase was on for the mouse, it was like a scene straight out of “The Mouse Hunt”. Meanwhile my friend was standing on her chair, eating her dessert!! George had also had a fetish for ladies handbags, he just had to stick his head in them! Anyone visiting who set their handbag down, there would be George, his head in their handbag!
The night before George passed he came into the bedroom and got up on the bed with me. This was not his usual behavior, so I knew the time was near. George was 18 years old, a pretty long life for a cat. I laid awake with him all night, just stroking him and giving him comfort. He passed the next morning peacefully. I cried my eyes out, it was hard not too, George had been a part of our lives for so long. There still feels like there is a missing presence in our home. 



Sasha came to me when she was four weeks old, a Chocolate Himalayan with golden eyes, just a little ball of fur. As fate would have it, I got her the day before I was fired from my job, due to new onset chronic migraine. Oh, they couldn’t use my illness as a reason, that was illegal. They came up with another plan that was legal, but in which they lied to make it work. Did it matter that I had worked for this Health Care Institution since I was sixteen? No it did not! Was it right that I was treated so horribly by Family Practice Clinicians, who you would have thought, would have been more caring? No it was not! Did I crow when I heard that one of the physicians, who had been particularly nasty to me, developed migraine. No I did not! Did I think Karma? Yes I did! I know that I would have had to quit working, it was just the way it done that was so hurtful.
Back to Sasha, she came into my life at just the right moment! I was hurting in more ways than one. Emotionally she gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, this little ball of fur helped me to heal inside. She was my salvation during the worst time in my life, I had something to focus on besides just myself and she was so darn cute. A week after I lost my job, I had a Total Vaginal Hysterectomy. I couldn’t climb the stairs to our bedroom, so I slept on the couch. Sasha slept every night with me, curled up under my chin. Her fur was so soft, silky
 and totally black, when she curled up it was hard to tell, where she started or ended. George took about a month to decide that, yeah this fur ball was okay.
Sasha had a very easy-going personality, except when it came to her food bowl. If there was one spec of white showing, she would let you know. Once you put food in, she was fine, most of the time she didn’t even eat any of it, but she wanted to make sure it was there when she was ready! Sasha didn’t care for treats, like George did, but boy did she love her catnip! We would give her just a pinch and she would eat a little, then roll and roll in the rest! She looked so funny when she was done, all this black fluffy fur covered in catnip! 
One of her favorite things to do, was follow me around while I made beds(the boys were still home)and get under the sheets and covers and chase my hands. She had this cute little spitting type sound, that she made while doing this. For some reason it took almost a year for her to purr, I don’t know if it was because she was taken from her mother so young, four weeks.
She also liked to follow me into the bathroom, where she would hide the shower curtain and chase my fingers along the outside. As soon as I reached for the toilet paper, she would leave the bathroom, cat’s are no dummies! When I came home from being in the hospital I would wake up in the night and she would be lying across me, as if to say, just try to leave now! Sasha loved my husbands singing, it didn’t matter where she was in the house, if he started singing, she would come running and just sit at his feet looking up at him! It was the darndest thing I ever saw!
I simply adored Sasha, she was my little cuddle bug! When she became ill and I had to make to the decision to have her put to sleep, it was the single hardest thing I’ve ever done. Even though its been three years, I can’t write about without tears coming to my eyes. I cried all the way to the Vet’s office, through the procedure(the Vet’s assistant right along with me)and all the way home. I didn’t stop crying for two days, of course I had a raging migraine. But that was nothing to me, compared to the loss of my Sasha baby, there is and will always be a missing part of me, that belong to her! 

WP_20170218_13_38_49_Pro (2)


It took me six months before I was ready to open my heart to another cat. We’ve had Belle in our lives for three years now. We adopted her from a rescue shelter, she was six years old at the time, had come from a family with four children and two dogs. One of the children had become allergic. When we brought Belle home, she must have felt like she was living in a castle, with just Rick and I. In fact we jokingly call her Queen Belle. She is the most laid back cat we have ever seen. The only things she doesn’t like are the vacuum cleaner and plastic bags. Nothing else startles her, she is a people cat, always glad to welcome guests at the door. She loves her Aunt Brenda, because she will brush her every time she visits. She patiently waits in the morning for her Daddy to put on his coffee, then clean her box, give her fresh water and serve her breakfast. While Rick catches up with the online world, Belle is draped across his lap happy as can be. When I’m in my cave, she’ll come looking for me. Usually she will lay outside the door, looking in, and I will call to her, then she will come and get on the bed with me. What a lady, waiting for an invitation!
Her nighttime ritual consists of her, coming up on the bed to visit both of us for some loving, then she get’s down and goes off to do what cat’s do at night. Sleep! Pretty much what she does all day, sometimes in a sunny spot, most of the time in her Daddy’s chair. To say she is spoiled is an understatement! Belle has brought much joy to our lives and we like to think we’ve brought joy to hers also! 

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”  Charles Dickens

Live with hope,

*Dedicated to my good friend Maurice Hogue, animal lover of all kinds! 

Kill Them With Kindness


Not long ago I was invited to join a closed Facebook support group for Cluster Headaches. It is based in Norway, but of few of my US Facebook friends are members. The Admin knows I don’t have Cluster Headache, but I have a soft spot for those who do, and love to offer support, encouragement and inspiration. Clusters aren’t a migraine, they are a headache disorder and an extremely painful one! They also don’t mind if I ask them questions about Clusters, when I do, I always make sure to point out that I don’t have Clusters, but have Chronic Migraine. 

Yesterday the Admin for this group, posted that she “was very sad, mostly because people so easily enjoy hurting others for no reason. We must never do it here in our group. We must be kind. It is key” This is a sentiment that I have heard or read, from other Admin’s and moderators of online Migraine Support Groups. 

Nastiness, unkindness, anger, rudeness, these things should not be found in support groups. Let’s take a minute to think about what support means. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines support as:  (1) :  to promote the interests or cause of (2) :  to uphold or defend as valid or right :  advocate  a :  to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop :  to keep from fainting, yielding, or losing courage :  comfort 

Nowhere in that definition do you see the word unkind, what you do see is; promote the interests of a cause, in this case migraine, advocate, again migraine, to hold up, to keep from losing courage, comfort! Support in a nutshell! 

If you do come across someone who is being unkind and nasty, don’t respond in kind. Kill them with kindness, be as kind and polite as possible, nothing shuts down a rant faster than kindness. Why? Because the person doesn’t know how to respond to it, they are expecting nastiness in return. Even if you have to grit your teeth while you do it, keep killing them with kindness. They won’t stay around long, their very nature can’t stand it. Or who knows, we might even convert them to kindness! 

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” Mark Twain

Live with hope,


What Would You Tell Your Migraine?

This blog was inspired by a Facebook post I read yesterday, in which a person wrote her migraine a letter, on The Daily Migraine Facebook page. One of my friends, The Migraine Diva shared the post. I love The Daily Migraine, their daily cope questions and meme’s are thought-provoking and sometimes humorous. They asked for other’s living with migraine to respond with letters to their migraines. I guess I had to be different,  my response was;


To me it was the perfect response, to what I wanted to say to my migraine! And a great way to get rid of some of the anger I was feeling, about migraine at that moment. It’s okay to get angry at migraine, now and then, but not good to dwell on that anger. I had to address it and then put it aside, which is the most healthy way to do so. Physically, mentally and emotionally! 

What would you say to your migraine? It can be in song form, as I did, in a poem written by you, a few short sentences, or even a letter. Your written content must be your own, to avoid copyright issues. I would dearly love to hear or read these, just put them in the comment section below. On August 31st I will have a live drawing, from all those who commented, posted to my Twitter account, @MsRoniAnne and Facebook page Roni A. Jones.  The Winner will receive a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card. So get those wheels turning! 


“Even if you have a terminal disease, you don’t have to sit down and mope. Enjoy life and challenge the illness that you have.  Nelson Mandela”

Live with hope,


Migraine Just Affects Your Head! Right?

Wrong! A migraine attack can affect your entire body and why wouldn’t it, we are talking about a Genetic Neurological Disease! It starts in the brain and what does the brain do? It controls the whole body, so it’s reasonable to say that a Migraine Attack affects your entire body. From nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, aphasia, feeling unsteady on your feet, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, alloydnia, mood swings, neck pain, and the list goes on. 

So it seems sensible to me to treat the entire Migraine, not just with medications, but with other lifestyle changes or additions. I was talking about this subject yesterday with my Neurologist, while getting Botox injections. I told him the main focus for my blog, was hope and humor, he asked me for some examples, which I gave him. I also told him I had started using an app for guided meditation. He mentioned to me a study that was done, that correlates with, the minutes walked per day and the difference it made in each different disease. Those with migraine who walked 20 minutes a day, showed a significant improvement in their overall migraine. 

To treat the whole migraine and keep our heads happier, we need to look at the entire picture. Know as much as , or more about your migraine disease as your doctor, know your medications inside out, try to work a 20 minute walk into your day, learn some type of meditation, it can really help in the midst of a migraine attack. I am using  Headspace, it is a guided mindfulness meditation app. Yes, there is an app for everything! Be aware of your diet, not just avoiding triggers, but try to eat as healthy as possible, your heart will thank you! Boy do I need to work on that one!! Some folks find a form of art therapy, such as Adult Coloring Books, soothing. My happy place is reading, I swear if someone tried to take my Kindle Fire from me, I might do that person bodily harm! Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, like I have with starting this blog. Volunteer for a project that you feel strongly about. Join a book club, send care packages to migraine friends going through a rough time. 

I think you will find, as I did, when you look at your migraine as a whole entity and not just a migraine attack. You will be able to find a more a happy, controlled place in your life, instead of the migraine controlling you! 



“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Live with hope,

Botox Day

Botox day is a paradox for me, I’m getting Botox injections to help ease the frequency and duration of my chronic migraines. The paradox being that getting the injections themselves, gives me a migraine attack, the day of the injections continuing into the next day. If I’m already in a migraine cycle, then it’s a real doozy! Knowing this I can be prepared when I get home, with appropriate medications and my Migraine Hat, which works very well after Botox, since it covers the entire head. 

I am blessed with a Neurologist who is very good at giving the injections, he is the second Neuro in the clinic to do my Botox injections. The first Neurologist left the clinic after I had been seeing him for a little less than a year. When I switched to my current Neuro for the injections, I noticed that he was giving them in different areas than the other clinician. When I got home, I did some research and discovered that the pervious Neurologist hadn’t been giving them correctly. No wonder I hadn’t noticed any improvement! What a waste of time, money and use of expensive medication, not to mention I wasn’t receiving any benefits from the injections at all! 

I won’t lie the Botox injections can be quite painful and sometimes are worse than others, I think this has to do with whether I’m currently in a migraine cycle or not. My Neuro and I keep up a running conversation, this helps to distract me and works pretty well. Since he gives the injections properly, I have noticed a difference in my migraine attacks. I can’t honestly say that the injections have decreased to the number of migraine attacks. But I can say that the injections into my neck and shoulder area, take care of the pain, that I have in that area. Mostly from Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disc Disease in my neck, which I’ve already had one Fusion at C5-6 for.  Neck pain is about 50% of my migraine attacks, taking away that much pain from my migraine attacks is huge to me. 

The main thing is to make sure the clinician doing your Botox injections, are doing them properly. Otherwise you are wasting your time, money and coming away with no relief! That is just not acceptable! Do your research, ask how and where the clinician will be administering the injections. Make sure they are a properly trained clinicians in the protocol of Botox injections.

“Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) can be a very effective treatment for people with chronic Migraine. As with other treatments, it doesn’t work for everyone. One way in which Botox differs from oral Migraine preventive treatments is that its efficacy and safety can be impacted by the expertise of the person administering the Botox treatment and their appropriate observation of injection sites and the muscles involved”


This is from Teri Robert’s* newest article on Botox;  “Botox for Chronic Migraine: Knowledge of Anatomy Is Critical”

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.  Benjamin Franklin”


Live with hope,

*Teri Robert is a leading patient educator and advocate and the author of Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches. A co-founder of the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy and the American Headache and Migraine Association, she received the National Headache Foundation’s Patient Partners Award and a Distinguished Service Award from the American Headache Society. Teri can be found on her website, and blog, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.




I’ll Stand BY You*

“Oh, why you look so sad, the tears are in your eyes,
Come on and come to me now, and don’t be ashamed to cry,
Let me see you through, ’cause I’ve seen the dark side too.
When the night falls on you, you don’t know what to do,
Nothing you confess could make me love you less”

As I was reading the lyrics to this song tears were streaming down my face. Because I am writing this blog with a dear friend in mind, one that I love very much, as if she were my own sister. We already know that living with migraine is no Sunday stroll in the park, but add to that life events that don’t turn out the way you excepted, an unexpected death in the family, or the loss of a friend due to migraine. On that note I say “good riddance to bad rubbish!” Then there is also the loss of a job, a hobby you really loved, some have even lost a spouse or significant other, because they couldn’t “deal”, more bad rubbish! 

I sincerely hate when a migraine friend is going through an extremely rough time, day after day, after day, of unrelenting pain. My hands are tied for there is nothing I can do to help ease their pain. But I can let them know that I am standing by them, sending lots of love and virtual hugs. I do like to send them care packages or flowers(making sure they are a scent free variety)to cheer them up and to let them know I care. I’ve received a few care packages myself and they truly lift my spirits. Even a text or PM lets me know that someone is standing by me. Something I think we forget about is that, migraine can  be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting.  

That is why everyone living with migraine needs, to know that someone is standing by them. You are never alone! There is always H.O.P.E. Hang On Pain Ends.

*Dedicated to all of my migraine sister’s!

“I’ll stand by you, won’t let nobody hurt you,
I’ll stand by you, baby even to your darkest hour,
And I’ll never desert you,
I’ll stand by you”

Live with hope,
P.S. I’ve included the song “I’ll Stand By You”, I hope you find it as touching as I did!


“Advocacy” Who me?

Yes, you! I know the concept may be a little daunting to some folks. When I first heard of advocacy it scared me quite a bit. But that was before I learned, that there is so much more to advocacy, than the political side. Such as Headache on the Hill, which is a wonderful way to advocate for our cause. But not something that every person with migraine is able to do. Lets talk about some of the other ways we can advocate for migraine disease. 

  1. The most important way of advocating, is for ourselves. We need to be responsible for learning as much as we can, about our disease. I’ve had chronic migraine for seventeen years and until I hooked up with Teri Robert* again, on Health Central’s Migraine Management site. Did I realize how little I knew about migraine. I am happy to say that after three years of reading Teri’s many articles, on the various subjects dealing with migraine. I am no longer in the dark. While I can’t state that I know everything there is about migraine.  I can now confidently advocate for myself in all areas of my healthcare, especially Migraine. Migraine can take so much from us, but being an active part of your treatment plan gives you back some of that control. I would interject here, if your headache doctor, be they a specialist or a Neurologist with a subspecialty in headache medicine, is not willing to work WITH you when formulating your treatment plan, it’s time for a new doctor.

    “A Migraine attack is a Migraine attack, is a Migraine attack, right? Wrong. There are several types of Migraine and even some subtypes of those. It’s important to know which type or types of Migraine we have because which treatments are appropriate and which symptoms, if any, are reason to get medical care can differ according to which type of Migraine we have.”

    From Teri’s article “Exploring and Understanding the Types of Migraine”

    Such articles likes this explain the differences between the many types of migraine and is extremely important for your doctor to know all of your symptoms, so you are treated properly. Before every doctors appointment and especially before, a visit with a new doctor. Type up a list of your concerns, don’t make them a mile long, focus on the issues that are most important. Take two copies, one for the doctor and one for you, it works great to have your own copy, to make notes on, it’s very easy to forget everything talked about. This was the article that I sent to a friend, we visited with while on our trip to Florida. It was great to see old friends! She was describing to me the flashing type lights, she would get then followed by a horrible headache, nausea and sensitivity to light. This sounded like Migraine with Aura to me. While talking further with her and her Aunt, they began to realize that several family members, also had migraines.
    I sent her the above article, as well as “How to Find a Migraine Specialist” and “Migraine with Aura”. The way Health Central has revamped its site, it is very easy to find articles written by Teri, to share with anyone you think is in need of advice. This is not meant to take the place of them going to the doctor, but arming them with information. What I did here was, advocacy! It wasn’t scary at all, in fact it made me feel very good about myself. I helped a fellow tribe member!

  2. I opened my Twitter account in September of 2015, that was a really big step for me. My profile states: Chronic Migraine, Fibro, Melanoma Survivor, Dep/Anx, Avid reader, cat lover, flower gardening. Share inspiration, hope, humor, migraine facts, beauty in all forms. I now have 541 followers, which isn’t all that grand, on the large-scale of things. But it makes me extremely happy when people tell me, that my tweet that day made them smile, or laugh out loud! Laughter really is the best medicine! If I can make that happen, I’ve met my goal! I’ve also made some really nice friends on Twitter, our tribe is everywhere! What I accomplish on Twitter is advocacy, sharing inspiration, hope, migraine facts, humor and the many forms of beauty, that surround us, but we don’t take the time to see them. 
  3. Another way of advocating is to, share your comfort measures with other of your migraine tribe. Don’t assume that they know all of these, just because they’ve had migraine for several years. You know the saying about assuming!

    I like Teri’s article “How to Make Migraine Aromatherapy Roll-ons” 

    “Although aromatherapy can’t abort a Migraine attack, it can be helpful for symptomatic relief and comfort. Roll-ons are commercially available, but making them ourselves allows us to customize them, and they’re less expensive. Here are instructions for making your own customized Migraine aromatherapy roll-ons.”

    Some more of my comfort measures are, Peppermint Tea for nausea, Migraine Hat(ice pack), hand-held massager that helps me reach sore muscles in my neck and shoulders, a cool, quite, dark space to got to, when a bad migraine hits. And Peppermint tea. My Kindle Fire, the light setting turned down, I also use a different background color, than white. I can always turn the blue shade on to make it more comfortable on my eyes. And peppermint tea. When I’m really nausea or my stomach is just out of whack, I keep protein drinks in the fridge, so I at least get some nourishment. And peppermint tea! Alright you got the message that I love Peppermint tea. I also put my biofeedback to use during these times and have just started using a Mindfulness Meditation app called, Headspace. I am currently on day 10, I am finding this to be very useful. As I have never learned meditation before, this is another example of advocating for myself. Plus the narrator has a sexy British accent, not at all hard to listen to! 

  4. When you offer comfort, encouragement and support online, whether it be on Facebook or in a Migraine Support Group, that is advocacy. Every time you donate to a migraine cause, such as Runnin’ For Research or Miles for Migraine. That is also advocacy. When you send a migraine sister a little something in the mail, because they’re going through a rough time. You guessed it, that is advocacy! You may have been doing several of these things, not even realizing you were being an advocate. 
  5. Starting this blog is a form of advocacy, it allows me to reach out to others with migraines. Though I usually do it in an upbeat and sometimes funny way, because that is how I live with migraine. With hope and humor!
  6. Being an advocate also allows hope to bloom, much like a flower, the more you advocate for migraine, the more hope blooms, petal by beautiful petal! 


“I know you can’t live on hope alone; but without hope, life is not worth living. So you, and you and you: you got to give them hope; you got to give them hope.”
― Harvey Milk 

Live with hope,


*Teri Robert is a leading patient educator and advocate and the author of Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches. A co-founder of the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy and the American Headache and Migraine Association, she received the National Headache Foundation’s Patient Partners Award and a Distinguished Service Award from the American Headache Society. Teri can be found on her website, and blog, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

The Tooth Fairy


When we were kids, it was always exciting to lose a tooth! This meant The Tooth Fairy would visit some time during the night, taking our baby tooth and leaving money it its place. Which more often than not, we used to go and buy candy with! 

When we become an adult, losing teeth is not something to be happy about and is the subject of my post today. There are many things that are hard on the enamel of your teeth, but for a person living with migraine, there are two that I want to talk about. These two things had the biggest impact on my oral health. 

  1. Vomiting: With my first pregnancy I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum, for the first 6 months, it was quite horrid. When I throw up, I heave rather violently, causing petechiae on my face. Flash forward seventeen years, when my episodic migraine became chronic. Once again I was vomiting on a regular basis, ick, yuck and all that goes with that.
    It is very important to know, that after a vomiting episode, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash, thoroughly before brushing. Otherwise you are brushing the stomach acids and such, into the enamel on your teeth. Using oral care products that help strengthen the teeth enamel, can also be helpful in the long run.
  2. Medications that cause a dry mouth: This is a really big problem for our teeth enamel and one that isn’t talked about very much. I have been on such medication years before my migraine became chronic. Some medicines for GI problems cause dry mouth. Then came the medicines for migraine, many of which cause dry mouth.
    I started noticing little pieces of enamel coming off of my teeth, then bigger pieces. I went to my dentist, who had no idea what was going on. By the time I got in to see an Oral Surgeon, it was really bad. He looked at my medication list and asked me about dry mouth symptoms. Once I told him my history, he was able to tell me the damage he saw, was from dry mouth and some from vomiting. Because the damage was so wide-spread and would cost into the thousands to repair. We opted to pull them all and go with dentures.
    I tell you all of this, because there is nothing like your own teeth, treat them well! I wish everyday, that I had known all of this earlier!
    Some tips if you suffer with dry mouth: They have several things on the market to help with this problem. Biotene, which comes in a Mouthwash, Oral Gel(for bedtime us), a Spray to use as needed, and a Toothpaste. Work closely with your dentist if you have this problem, regular checkups are a must. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid eating sticky/candy sweets whenever possible. 

The goal is to keep your own teeth! 

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond” Miguel de Cervantes

Live with hope,

*A special thanks to my friend Rosa, for helping me with this one! Thank you, Amiga! 






Those Embarrassing Moments

You know that dream you always had, the one where you came to middle school naked? Come on be honest now, you had this dream or a variation of it. Middle school years are the roughest, you’re in those pre-teen, then the a brand new teenage years. With all those new hormones floating around in our bodies. Feeling constantly embarrassed about something, OMG there’s a new pimple on my face, my hair looks awful today, I couldn’t find my favorite sweater(probably because my younger sister swiped it)and had to wear this ugly blue one, did Tom, Dick or Harry, really look my way? Oh my gosh, I hope I didn’t have anything stuck in my teeth! Then there was the totally embarrassing moment, when I was put in the boys gym class, because my mother thought naming me Roni, after an Elvis Presley movie was cool! 

I finally get through, middle school, high school, and get married, start a family, not even giving a thought to having any more of those awful embarrassing moments. Then my episodic migraines, morphed into chronic migraine, and along with it a whole different ballgame of embarrassing moments. Frankly I just laugh about them now and find the humor in the situations. It’s how I survive living with daily chronic migraine and pain, we all have to find coping mechanisms. Mine is hope and humor! 

Laughter really is the best medicine and crying I’ve found, get’s me nowhere and nothing, except to make my headache from the migraine attack worse. As well as, using up energy stores needed to fight the migraine attack. 

These are just a few of my most embarrassing migraine moments: 

  • Pouring water into my cereal, instead of milk. 
  • Misplacing my glasses, which I can’t read or see far distances without. Those we finally found, in a kitchen cabinet! 
  • Making a new recipe for Christmas morning, using a smaller dish, but not adjusting the ingredients for said dish. Yikes what a mess and the SMOKE! You’ve could have sent out signals with it! 
  • Recently I knocked off of my bedside table, a Rt. 44 Vanilla Dr. Pepper into my medication bag, not once but twice! I normally don’t drink soda, but for some reason I was craving it at the time. Needless to say  the soda got into some of my pill bottles, ruining the medication inside. I emailed my doctors nurse with pictures, so he wouldn’t think I was trying to pull a fast one. Of course he didn’t, we’ve known each other quite a while, he said it actually made him laugh, he took care of the meds that needed to be ordered. Then gave me his tip for the day; move my medication bag! 
  • My very most embarrassing moment came when, I was writing my “Flower Power” blog. As that day was a cave day, I was wearing a nightshirt, it came to my knees, so I felt decent enough to step outside long enough to snap pictures of my flowers. There was only one drawback, having insomnia, my goal is to sleep in what is most comfortable to me, this means excluding panties. That day was a tad windy, so I was being extra careful to keep my nightshirt where it belong. Everything was going on swimmingly until, I had to get down on one knee to snap a picture. The problem then became, that I was unable to get back up. My knees haven’t been all that great, due to several surgeries years ago. Then there was all the swelling I experienced from the reaction to the IV Depokate, while in the hospital in May. They have given out on me before, with unpleasant outcomes. To get back up I had to put both knees on the ground and grab ahold of two planters to use has leverage to get up. During this process where do you think my arse was, you got it, high and proud! Nothing like mooning your neighbors! When I got up I looked around quickly, thank god no one was there to see the show, at least no one that I could see! But by golly I got my pictures, even if my arse got a little air! 

“If you are never, scared, embarrassed, or hurt, it means you never take chances”  Julia Soul

Live with hope,